How to Start a PPC Program for Your Website?

ppc program

When you have decided that you want to make money on the World Wide Web. You also have a website to support your business; you can sell eBay items or any affiliate products.

Now the point is to generate traffic quickly and earn dollars, therefore purchasing, pay per click networks like Google AdWords or Yahoo search marketing is the right thing to start with. These networks have the potential to enhance your traffic instantly, but if you don’t know how to use them in your favor, then you can lose money. You should start by getting a search engine keyword tool for your Google PPC. Generally, the PPC campaigns are based on following things.

Keyword Research

Compelling Ads

Appealing Website’s Landing Page

You can start with keyword research, when you want to search about a specific product on the Internet, ask yourself with which keyword you will search. This simple technique will give you a general idea of keyword research. Then you can find out the importance of the same keyword in all the search engines. And at last you can also find out that how much traffic you will get by this keyword and how much it will cost you on Google PPC? We all know that an appealing landing page will make the users to know more about the product and its features. Make sure that your webpage features are simple and user friendly.

MM Soft Solutions – Delhi city based SEO Company offers SEO, PPC, SMO and SMM services at affordable rate.

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What is Google Update?


With every update Google is making changes in its search engine algorithm. In the last few years content writing has changed dramatically. In case you are emphasizing more on keywords, you must know that Google has changed its algorithm and they want you to use branded anchor text. The research team of Google has found that ranking a website solely based on keywords is comparatively easy task to perform and many spammers are using this technique to rank their websites higher. As a result of which the garbage content is quickly ranked higher and original and informative content is lagging behind. That is why the search giant has decided to make it difficult to rank higher solely based on keywords only.

  • In order to keep a pace with Google SEO updates you must update your content regularly.
  • Stay away from black hat techniques and do not use spun articles.
  • You must add Google +1 button to your webpage.
  • Post informative and fresh content twice a week or once a week to your blogs.
  • Start using videos for the promotion of your products or services.
  • Use fresh images with the unique content, this will ensure better ranking.

Still back links are working, but not in the same way as they were working a few years ago. Find out where Google is moving towards; make your digital marketing strategies according to the Google updates. This will ensure that you are least affected by the Google updates.

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Hotels, Lodges, Inns, Hostels Website SEO Services Delhi

hotels website seo

MM Soft Solutions provide hotels, lodges, Inns, hostel, tour and travel relate websites’ complete promotion (SEO, SMO, SMM and PPC) solutions.

Agency’s main motive is to reach more to more benefits to clients. Agency provides top 10 hotels accommodations business keywords ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo. So that, client can book hotels booking at wide level.

Delhi SEO – MM Soft Solutions used latest technique to website promotion at national and international level.

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SEO Services Delhi to Real Estate Agencies


MM Soft Solutions is a Delhi city based Internet marketing agency. Agency offers website promotion services at affordable prices. Get real estate customer business queries on particular brand or project related from national and international level via website promotion. Agency has 7 years experience in Internet marketing field.

Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO is process to get business keywords organic ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Social media optimization (SMO): SMO is a process to bring particular promotion part to lots of people main modes are Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Linkdin and Google+

Search engine marketing (SEM): it is a paid advertising (sponsored) program on search engine result page (SERP).

Social media marketing (SMM): it is alos paid advertising program on social media sites like facebook, youtube, twitter, google+ and linkdin etc.

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SEO BackLinks Will Become Less Important In Future

new-generation-seoGoogle will change ranking factor according published article May 5, 2014 at 3:58pm ET by Barry Schwartz. Next generation ranking will depend on expert author boost.

Matt Cutts added that for the “next few years” links aren’t going anyway and will still be used for determining reputation. But overtime, Google will rely a little bit less on links for reputation purposes.

Matt said Google is working on promoting the content of authorities on topics, so if an expert writes on a topic on any site, Google will notice that and make sure the content ranks better than non-authorities. Delhi based small business SEO agency provides updated website promotion services with latest technology.

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Website Search Engine Optimization Simple Process Roadmap


Search engine optimization (SEO) is based only on web search engines. Google is the king among the worldwide web search engines because it has 82% search share of the total searches. So SEO is based mostly on Google. Website SEO process step some points or road maps are the following.

Website Analysis: Search engine aspect and user aspect.

Connect Website to Search Engines: via webmaster tool and analytic (Google, Bing and yahoo).

Keywords Searches: all SEO schusses depend on quality of the keywords. If webmaster does not get proper keywords in first step, SEO will fail. So, keywords should business generate type. Most famous tools are Google planner and Bing-yahoo webmaster tool.

Website Competitors’ Analysis: SEO first step competitor should middle level. Webmasters can compete big competitors in Second phase. If webmaster will able to compete middle level competitors then of course will able to compete big level.

Keywords finial to promotion: after competition analysis keywords will final to promotion. Most competition keywords should not target in fist step.

Decide Targeted Pages or Landing Pages: most targeted pages should home, services pages and products pages etc. most important keywords should implement on landing pages.

On-Page Optimization: this step to write quality Meta tags first on targeted pages after all other pages.

Other–On-Page optimization: content optimization, alt tag, page connectivity of each page, 404 pages, canonical, 301redirection, robot.txt, duplicate page and content and many other aspect.

Off-Page: Directories, articles, social bookmaking, link exchange, blog posting, comment, classifieds, social networking pages, guest bogging, press release, review posting, forum posting and many other process to make links on third party websites.

MM Soft Solutions is a Delhi city based small business SEO agency which provides website promotion services with latest technique.

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Keywords Ranking Effects By TLD and GWT Geographic Target

TLD domain GWT GEOThis is a true thing that Keywords Ranking effects by TLD and GWT geographic target.

If you have a website and you have geographic targeted to united kingdom. Really, website will good rank on internet IPs of the UK country.

If you have a website and you have geographic targeted to unknown country. Now, will bad rank on internet IPs of the UK country.

So, TLD and GWT Geographic Target is a most important matter to get desirable ranking on internet IPs of the specific country.

MM Soft Solutions offer SEO services in Delhi city to get international and country specific business via website promotion on web search engines.

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