Proven SEO Techniques

ppc seo smoWith the advancement of IT people are getting more informed of Search Engine Optimization. There are hundreds of blogs and websites defining different SEO techniques. But without the relevant experience these processes cannot be implemented, with so much information available on net, people are confused as they get contradictory information that is why all the information available on net cannot be trusted hands down.

•        Stick to the process. By SEO you cannot win the race overnight for results, you have to wait until it takes it own course. Moreover Search engine algorithms are updated regularly, the algorithm which was effective a year back may not be working now. With Google panda update things have changed a lot and now they are going to introduce Zebra, an algorithm which will work differently from the previous one.

•        Have patience: Doing SEO techniques are not a onetime affair; you cannot do it in one hour and check the results in the next. Sometimes you will take months to get the desired results.

•        Hiring a company: when hiring a SEO company it is your right to enquire about the tactics they will use. Ask them how long it will take to get the results; do a small research on net to know about the company and read on about the strategies they will implement.

•        Website: when you get a website designed make sure you analyze it as a visitor and try to put all the relevant information beautifully. You can also use the keywords in the website’s URL. To make it more effective name the images as keywords. Search engine spiders cannot crawl through your website if site map is not included. Moreover it will also help the visitors to navigate your site easily. If you have a big site, break the site map into parts, don’t use more than 75 links at one site map page.

•        Research keywords: with free online tools you can do it by yourself, WordTracker and AdWords are there to help you. Get the help of geographical identifiers and get specific keywords based on your location searches. If you are in a competitive business environment and you are selling the same product which your competitors are also selling. Then while writing about the product, you can include the keywords in the product description. This is a fact that for most of the websites Google is giving more than 70% of traffic.

•        Content: as they say “content is king.” A genuine content always pays. Don’t try to write for the search engines, write for humans. Use the best language, be informative and precise.

•        Blogging: blogging is also among the most sought after SEO techniques, Google and other search engines like fresh content. Do read some other blog and forums in your niche, participate in the conversation going on there, and try to help people by leaving comments there with your links of course. This will bring some organic traffic and will give you popularity also.

•        Social media: benefit by social media, but stay away from spamming and try to make contact with the potential customers. There are many websites like Flicker, Twitter, Facebook and yahoo answers and small business SEO many more.


Posted by Martini William