Google Penguin 2.0 Reliable SEO Solutions


MM Soft Solutions – Small Business SEO Company offers Google Penguin 2.0 algorithm’s reliable SEO solutions. As every webmaster are known. Penguin is based on over optimization.

Webmasters should follow the following points.
·    One keyword phased should not target to long time. SEO person should use similar phases to promote.
·    SEO persons can use suffixed and prefixed to distinguished key phrased.
·    All optimization should base on Latent semantic Indexing (LSI).
·    Site promotion should limited according websites size.
·    Site’s each pages should unique title and Meta tags.
·    1 article should not promote more than 10 sites.
·    Site should submit in different and quality web directories.
·    Many more points…


Posted by Martini William