Google Keyword Tool Replaced to Keyword Planner on Aug–2013


Google Keyword Tool was in service from 2005 to 26th Aug 2013. But Google it replace to ‘Keyword Planner’ new keyword search tool. Generally, ‘Google Keyword Tool’ helped to each user in keywords searching without login.

Now, each user will able to search keywords after login Google Adwords account. User should follow the following points to use new keywords tool.

  • First create Adwords account.
  • Then, Login account.
  • Not necessary to fill any payment.
  • User can skip bill section if user not interest to PPC advertising.
  • Click on menu’s ‘Tools and Analysis’ dropdown.
  • This dropdown has ‘keywords planner’ link, Click on
  • Then, user will see 3 types feature keywords tools. User can use these easily.

A. search for keywords and ad group ideas
B. enters or uploads keywords to see how they perform
C. multiply keywords list

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Posted by Martini William