SEO Tips for Hummingbirds and Penguin 2.1 Google Update

Hummingbirds-seo-tipsGoogle is frequently updating it algorithm. About this reason, Lots of companies lost their business which depends on sites traffic. Lots of clients left their SEO projects from search engine companies along with lost webmaster their jobs also.

Why Google update its big algorithm in 6 months or after 1 year?

  1. Numbers of new sites are coming on World Wide Web. These sites are more fast, precise and modern from old traditional sites.
  2. Mostly webmasters use same method to promote sites. To get big traffic webmasters use black hat SEO technique.
  3. On World Wide Web have lots of sites on relevant and each top. So Google can show easily good sites data on its SERP. 4 to 5 years ago World Wide Web had not big data of each topic related sites.
  4. Google Company does not want to drop its business. So to increase it revenue Google update it algorithm.

How promote sites in new environments (Hummingbirds, Panda and Penguin)

  1. Google penalized lots of web directories, bookmaking and articles sites. So each site should check before posting.
  2. Daily basis should update off-page material such as description, title and keywords etc.
  3. Newest sites should get to post because lots of new sites launched daily bases on the world. New accurate site can provide best benefits.
  4. Webmaster should increase referral traffic along with organic.

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Posted by Martini William