Website Search Engine Optimization Simple Process Roadmap


Search engine optimization (SEO) is based only on web search engines. Google is the king among the worldwide web search engines because it has 82% search share of the total searches. So SEO is based mostly on Google. Website SEO process step some points or road maps are the following.

Website Analysis: Search engine aspect and user aspect.

Connect Website to Search Engines: via webmaster tool and analytic (Google, Bing and yahoo).

Keywords Searches: all SEO schusses depend on quality of the keywords. If webmaster does not get proper keywords in first step, SEO will fail. So, keywords should business generate type. Most famous tools are Google planner and Bing-yahoo webmaster tool.

Website Competitors’ Analysis: SEO first step competitor should middle level. Webmasters can compete big competitors in Second phase. If webmaster will able to compete middle level competitors then of course will able to compete big level.

Keywords finial to promotion: after competition analysis keywords will final to promotion. Most competition keywords should not target in fist step.

Decide Targeted Pages or Landing Pages: most targeted pages should home, services pages and products pages etc. most important keywords should implement on landing pages.

On-Page Optimization: this step to write quality Meta tags first on targeted pages after all other pages.

Other–On-Page optimization: content optimization, alt tag, page connectivity of each page, 404 pages, canonical, 301redirection, robot.txt, duplicate page and content and many other aspect.

Off-Page: Directories, articles, social bookmaking, link exchange, blog posting, comment, classifieds, social networking pages, guest bogging, press release, review posting, forum posting and many other process to make links on third party websites.

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